September went by so fast. While we’re anxious to start the more exciting jobs, we still had a lot of settling in to do. Long story short, our house is more functional, but still not very pretty.

Jobs Done

This month Carl fitted our microchip cat flap (£54.99 for the cat flap) as well as our tumble dryer (£11.99 for a vent kit). We also removed the electric fireplace and boarded it over – although that job won’t be totally finished until we can get it skimmed. All we put towards that project was a half-size sheet of plasterboard from B&Q for £4.15. All of the bits of wood Carl used we brought from our last house when we moved.

We took out the old electric fire and decided to cover over the gaping hole rather than replace it.

We took out the old electric fire and decided to cover over the gaping hole rather than replace it.

Deals and Steals

We earned a whopping 12p in cashback on the tumble dryer vent kit!

We also decided to buy a new washing machine this month. While the previous owner had left hers, it didn’t have the correct cycle to wash our reusable nappies. A quick search on Gumtree came up with a Zanussi washing machine across town for £85. It is a few years old, but similar models new are running around £250-£300 so this feels like a bargain. Plus, it’s running great!

Budget Busters

I got a little over excited this month. I was daydreaming about what to put along our chimney breast and very quickly found myself on eBay, staring at this stereogram. Carl and I would love a record player, and this piece of furniture looked cool. Plus, Carl could pick it up during lunch at work one day.

After a quick look around the eBay shop selling it, I also came across these nesting tables. Also, love. Plus we knew they would be super handy when we have guests.

Well, Carl brought the new furniture home, and the stereogram is huge. Really enormous. It was a bit overwhelming. And, disappointingly, the space for the record player is small, and there is nowhere to put a cd player or radio, which is what we wanted. We contemplated selling it on straightaway, but the boys have already got to it and have left scratches in it. So now we are looking at: making peace with the size, selling it on at a possible loss, or undertaking a pretty substantial hack so that it fits the space better, or at least becomes more functional.

Verdict is still out on the stereogram.

Verdict is still out on the stereogram.

We spent a total of £165 between the nesting tables (which we do like and are happily keeping) and the stereogram. The high expense makes it sting even more when I remember that I made an offer before I clicked through from TopCashBack and therefore lost out on cashback as well.


In September we spent a total of £321.73 from our budget of £11,500, leaving a total of £10,953.72 for future projects.

We also earned a total of 12p in cashback and saved a total of £20 off list price on the stereogram and nesting tables by making an offer.

Coming up for October

Redecorating! Wallpaper removal is underway in the boys’ room and I’m hoping to start making decisions in terms of colours, window treatment, and flooring soon.

september diy budget

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