November is halfway through and I have to confess I’ve been procrastinating on our monthly budget update. The jobs are starting to blur together, and we have family coming to visit in a week, so we’ve got noses to the grindstone in an attempt to get the boys moved into their new room before our guests arrive! Still, we are determined to stay accountable, so here is what we did in October.

Jobs Done

As the weather turned colder, we needed to shut the door from the kitchen to the garage. This meant fitting a catflap in the internal door so that the cats could get in and out of the house. We grabbed a simple, non microchip cat flap from for £12.99. We got free shipping as well for buying some kitty litter at the same time, but that doesn’t factor into the house budget.

We also stripped the wallpaper from the boys’ room. This meant we had an initial outlay for all the supplies we’ll need for redecorating (affiliate links): two Zinsser Paper Tigers at £14.94 apiece, two bottles of DIF Wallpaper Stripper Concentrate at £6.99 apiece, and two Zinsser Wallpaper Scrapers at £10.47 apiece.


Deals and Steals

For the cat flap, we earned £2.04 through TopCashBack (affiliate link). We also earned £1.34 on the decorating supplies purchased through Screwfix, for a total of £3.38 in cashback.

After the stereogram fiasco last month, I was much more timid in purchasing anything extraneous to our current projects!

Budget Busters

The only thing we really did ‘wrong’ this month was to purchase two really cheap cat flaps off eBay that ended up not being fit for purpose. They would have been really drafty, and were nearly too narrow for the door. And because I’m terrible at returning things, they are still in our house. So I think we have to chalk that £15.76 up as lost.

Our pressure sprayer also broke! So we had to pick up a new one (affiliate link) from Screwfix for £9.99.



In total, we spent a total of £88.32 in October, primarily on decorating supplies. This came from our original budget of £11,500, leaving £10,865.40 for future projects.

We also did well with cashback this month, earning £3.38.

Coming up for November

I have been on a spending frenzy so far, so next month’s budget update will be lots of fun: carpet, paint, a closet, and more!


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