Between moving and and all four of us coming down with an awful tummy bug, there isn’t much to report this month.

Jobs Done

We decided before we moved that the first priority was to board the loft. We had to create more storage space. The materials to board the loft cost £180.06 and didn’t require any new tools.

Before Carl boarded the loft he spent quite a while extracting wires from underneath the insulation so they would remain accessible once the boards were in place. This included relocating the bedroom lights, replacing the single very crowded junction box with three Wago boxes to accommodate future wiring, and adding some lights for the loft itself. The total cost for the electrics came to £44.39.

tape and measure over loft boarding

Deals and Steals

We took advantage of a store-wide Wickes voucher for click and collect items to purchase the materials for the loft for a total savings of £31.24 (woo hoo!).

We also used Topcashback to get £3.24 cashback on our Wickes order. We also received £1.33 cashback for the electrics through Carl’s workplace cashback site.

Budget Busters

We’ll be using this section to let you know of any major blunders that we make along the way, but so far so good. Nothing to report!


For August, we spent a total of £224.25 from our budget of £11,500. This leaves £11,275.55 for future projects.

We’ve also earned a total of £4.57 in cash back and saved a total of £31.24 through vouchers.

Coming up for September

Jobs for September will include removing our electric fireplace, fitting our cat flap, and a few other small jobs. It’s looking like we’ll start to tackle redecorating the bedrooms in October.

august DIY spending

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