Creating a Comfy (and Kid-Proof) Family Home

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Looking to turn your house into a home, without blowing your budget? Us, too.

Home in the Works is about making that happen. We all have limited resources, whether it is your square footage, your time or your money. This is about doing the absolute best with what we have. We hope you’ll stick around as we share:

  • DIY tutorials and examples
  • Tips and tricks for sourcing the best quality materials for your money
  • Budget breakdowns for our entire renovation by room and by project
  • How to take a tired house and turn it into a modern family home

The Story Behind Home in the Works

We clambered onto the housing ladder in 2013 with a neglected two-bedroom Victorian terraced house, which we later sold for a rough profit of £20k. Not too shabby, since we basically made it up as we went along. When we started searching for our next place, we found that our budget still couldn’t stretch to a decently-sized house with a garden, in a good state of repair, even with the extra equity.

What we could afford was a decently-sized house with a garden, in a tired/worn/out-of-date state of repair. Good thing we still know where the toolbox  is, because we’ll be needing it as we redecorate, fit a brand new kitchen and bathroom, and landscape the garden.

We’ll also be needing our calculator, because we are on a budget. Our first home has given us an idea of how much renovations cost, but we’ll need financial savvy and elbow grease to make sure that we don’t spend more on this house than it is potentially worth.

And to put faces with names:

This is Carl. He does most of the hard labour. His motto is ‘if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself. Unless it’s central heating. In that case, hire a professional’.

This is Amy. She does most of the shopping and sets arbitrary deadlines, which means that Carl is stressed but things actually get done.

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‘A house that has not been tinkered with barely qualifies as a home.’ Kate Fox, Watching the English.